Archdaily - The Showroom

For a special local thriving brand, selling the highest quality culinary products from the Middle East, ‘Kama local gourmet’ the showroom was open to the public last November to offer their clients a variety of products under a spatial communal experience. The 1940s old building was renovated to house the offices and main showroom of “Kama” in Amman, Jordan. The main street front was opened up to expose the space inside through a long stretch transparent glass and metal façade that also retracts to connect the interior with the exterior front garden for future public events, making the space more visually and physically accessible. A long black steel canopy accentuates the architectural intervention creating a duality between the old, modest-scale stone and the new, full span contemporary cold steel sheets that shapes the cantilever canopy beams. The canopy also plays as the ribbon for the cut-out logo that is subtly inner lit.

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